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Chinhhari arts wrought iron 5 mini mask wooden frame wall décor - WIWM002

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Tribal people wear different headgears for different occasions, normally made of organic material available around like old bones, wood, feathers, shells, cloth. Also, older people in tribes have tattoos made on their face, hand and body. The tattoo was made using organic dyes and needles by hand. Even tattoo had meanings and was not just a fashion. These tattoos symbolized their tribe, art, culture and family history. However, the current generation does not have any more tattoo. So, the tattoo as an art form is now used as a painting technique known as 'God's, which translates to the English word 'scribble'.
Wall art depicts different masks and Godna.

Dimension HxWxD =11x20x3 inch

The wood used is reclaimed pine wood.
Wrought Iron handicraft, also known as "Pitva Art ", is an Ancient art form made by a very small Tribal community of Bastar, Chhattisgarh. They use mostly waste or left out Iron pieces, cut them manually by chisel and hammer and heat it with charcoal. Mostly all the human and animal figures are made of a single piece of sheet by manual hammering work of a hot metal piece. To make a joint, they use Rivets. NO Welding machine, cutting machine, mould are used to make an artefact, making it a true handicraft. When you touch and feel the product, you can see the hard work behind every piece.

After making, every piece is treated with Red oxide to avoid Rust in future, and then three layers of oil paint (Matte Finish) is done to finish the product. For the maintenance, in the long run, we recommend gently clean it with Cotton and oil. Thus, every piece will last for a lifetime.