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About Us

                                                    Chinhhari arts tribal handicraft

Chinhhari arts works with artist from Chhattisgarh and showcase the tribal and handmade art form to the world. The product range includes Wrought Iron, Terracotta, Wooden and Cotton handicraft. We have a wide range of home and garden decor products which are unique , eye catching and absolutely Beautiful. The products you will find here are rare and will give your home/garden/office  amazing and gorgeous look . All the products are perfect combination of Antique yet contemporary Appearance.  

The products are handcrafted and are made in the very land where the skills are practiced,perfected and passed on to the future generations. Along with the artisans their families also toils to bring the final products out of their humble huts.Thus every piece represents a part of artist life and carries a bit of soul of the creator.  

People who find beauty in handmade things love chinhhari arts collection. We are glad to affirm there are many and growing with our efforts to reach out.

"The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke" Jerzy Kosinski

                                                                            Team introduction 



Ashish and Divya : We as a couple are poles apart but our love for travel and art makes us bff/bae/and everything else. We love to spend time with nature and also with our 8 four legged kids.. Our inclination towards handicraft was the foundation of starting Chinhhari arts. We both left our corporate jobs to live a Dream and now when we look back we did fairly well and have a happy life with Chinhhari arts, our kids and an awesome team working with us.  As Chinhhari our team functions as a family, we encourage, we argue, we support, we fight but end of day we embrace each other.   


  Meet Our sweet little family Dhaara, Pilli, Kaalu, Laado, Bhoomi, Maaya, Kaaya and Nanhi... Adopt don't shop

                                                                     Vinod VishwakarmaSunil VishwaKarma

Sunil Vishwakarma and Vinod Vishwakarma are our Wrought Iron tribal artist form Baster, Chhattisgarh. These guys are young and dynamic and always ready to try on new things. But at the same time they have a golden heart and pure soul. As you can see from the wrought iron collection they are experts at what they do, they have a team of around 10 artists who work under their guidance and to remind again no machines are used in making of these products.

                                                                              Parmeshwar Chkradhari

Parmeshwar Chakradhari  is our Terracotta artist from Basla, Kanker, Chhattisgarh . He is a tribal artist as well. The terracotta artifacts he makes are made of fine river clay and are baked to perfection. His expertise at this tender age comes from his long family line of artist. Because Terracotta products are bit fragile in nature most of the time his fine work cannot reach far but now we are trying to showcase the art form in best possible way.

                                                                             Ram kumar, Aarti, Tritiya Dewangan

Ram kumar Dewangan, Tritiya dewangan and Aarti Dewangan: The Dewangan‘s are perfect example of how much talent a single family can hold. Ram Bhaiya is an expert in stitching. In cotton collection one can easily notice the finishing in smallest design. Tritiya didi makes sure we are well fed and she is undeclared Supervisor of chinhhari arts. When we go lazy sometimes she makes sure we get back to work instantly. Aarti is our painting artist and she does a fantastic job as you can see in our terracotta and wooden collection.


Khilesh and Yogesh : This 2 guys are like Hanuman for Chinhhari arts. They are our wooden artist and make all the products in wooden collection. Not only that they handle our orders and everything else. You will find them standing beside us in good times and bad.


Rekha and Triloka : These 2 ladies are true example of women empowerment .  They handle the weaving of cotton products and also work with Aarti in painting.  They work hard and are smart at what they do. They learn fast and enjoy their work and so do we while working with them.