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Chinhhari arts wooden hand painted wall decor tiles - WWD001

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Rs. 5,999.00
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Rs. 5,599.00
This is a wooden hand-painted wall decor tileset. The tiles are rearrangeable. The designs on tiles are a tree, a peacock, an elephant, a deer, a butterfly, an owl, a bird and a pair of fish. As this is hand-painted and made on reclaimed wood, original pieces may have a different texture than the Image.

Dimension :

3 tiles = 5.5 x 5.5 inch (owl, bird, butterfly)

2 tiles = 8 x 8 inch (deer, elephant)

1 tile = 20 x 6 inch (peacock)

1 tile = 5.5 x 22 inch (fish)

1 tile = 26 x 6 inch (tree)

Perfect for the front wall, garden decor and gifting.