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Chinhhari arts wooden hand painted Buddha wall decor - WWD024

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Change is inevitable. Everything in our life is transient. We own nothing. Holding on to ideas, emotions, relationships and expecting them to be the same is the cause of all the sorrow in the world. Buddha does not teach the suppression of emotions but acceptance. Living in the moment and not reflecting on the past and speculating about the future makes life divine. Buddha also teaches 'Ahimsa', which means the absence of violence also controls greed, lust, jealousy, and selfishness. Respecting all life forms and being satisfied with what we have now will lead to a more gratified life.
This is a wooden hand-painted wall art piece. It is a freestyle painting on recycled pine wood.

As this is hand-painted and made on reclaimed wood, the original piece may have a different texture than the Image.
Dimension Height x width x depth = 23x18x2inch
Perfect for the front wall, garden decor and gifting.