About Us

Founded in 2009
We support tribal artisans.

About Us

Chinhhari arts work with artists of Chhattisgarh and showcase the tribal and handmade art form to the world. The product range includes wrought iron (pitwa Kala), wooden and Godna handicrafts. We have a wide range of home and garden decor products that are unique, eye-catching & Artistic. The products you will find here are rare and will give your home/garden/office an astonishing and impressive appearance. All the products are a perfect combination of Antique yet contemporary Displays.

The products are handcrafted and are made in the very land where the skills are practiced, perfected & passed on to future generations. Along with the artisans, their families also toil to bring the final products out of their humble huts. Thus every piece represents a part of the artist's life and carries a bit of the soul of the creator.

People who find beauty in handmade things love our collection. We are glad to affirm there are many and growing with our efforts to reach out.

"The principles of true art are not to portray but to evoke" Jerzy Kosinski

Team Introduction

Nirmala and Vinod Vishwakarma

Husband and wife duo are changing the game with their talent. Although, the field of handwork is mostly male-dominated but Nirmala works with her husband and handles the hammer with equal efficiency. They have already trained more females in their village to join the lead forces. Both Vinod and Niramala show interest in trying new concepts, designs, and patterns. Their enthusiasm towards work is unparalleled. We have been working with Vinod for more than 8 years now and have seen his passion for growing with time, multifold.

Sunil Vishwakarma

Tribal artist from halba tribe, who holds generational talent. His father,Taati ram ji, is a legend in the field of wrought iron handicraft. Taati ram ji has transformed a folklores and nature into art. Sunil, his brother and son are carrying forward the work with same passion. He has a team of young tribal artists under him. He is keeping the soul of the art form alive.At the same time understands importance of market demand. He works on experimental projects with an open and creative mind.

Khilesh, Jai Prakash

Khilesh and Jai Prakash form a dynamic duo in our team. Khilesh, our experienced team member, is known for his vibrant ideas and quality-focused approach, especially in new product development. Jai Prakash, the young and eager learner, sees Khilesh as his guru and follows him closely. Beyond work, Jai's passion for learning extends to foreign language videos, particularly related to carpentry. Together, they bring a blend of experience and enthusiasm to the team, with Khilesh leading the way and Jai showcasing unique talents, including a distinctive dancing style awaiting its moment in the spotlight.

Ganesh Das

He is working with devotion to keep the art alive. While, a lot of artisans have shifted focus from hand carving to machine-made wood work, due to lack of work, he keeps working on the art. He trains youth and work on as many projects as possible. His parents and grandparents were also the traditional artist and he keeps narrating significance of the design and pattern so that the story is not lost.

Pramila, Varsha

Pramila, with the hand of an artist, is a quick learner, open to criticism, and tirelessly dedicated. Timelines are sacrosanct when she's at work, and she doubles as our official tea-making expert, adding a dash of humor with her sugar-punning skills. On the other hand, Varsha, the youngest in the team, thrives in the midst of gossips, debates, and chaos, yet her painting flair eclipses everything. Together, Pramila and Varsha embark on a daily 17 km journey to work, sometimes on their bicycles, demonstrating remarkable passion and dedication without a hint of complaint. Their commitment to work serves as a constant source of inspiration for the entire team.


She is our social media manager, content developer and product designer. Nisha has a great understanding, insight and knowledge about handicraft and handicraft market. She shows immense interest in working with new designs, challenges and handicrafts. She is our ‘ALL IN ONE’, Super women.


He takes care of daily orders, updates and paperwork. In his free time (if he has any), you will find him roaming around in puzzled state or picking fights with Varsha. Their all time favorite debate is who is younger.  He is also our screenshot guy, he takes screenshots and share rather than trying to explain things in words, which has actually made our internal process a lot more efficient. Pramila, varsha and JP work as team in Order dispatch department.


He is our go to guy. He knows carpentry; he handles all outside work, including sourcing of raw material and hardware. He knows his ways around machines and can fix a lot issues in house. He also fill in whenever more hands are required in shipping orders.  He ensures that work keeps going on, efficiently. He is our “Ai haao” guy, which loosely translates to ‘of course yes’'. Also, he has introduced us to a whole new world of Punjabi music, all thanks to him; we are always updated on new songs.



A nomadic soul, who found home in Chinhhari. Even after all this years, everyday with my team is wonderful, amazing, soulful and enlightened.  While, working with our tribal artisans I learnt sustainable way of living life, with pure love and care. They taught me, work life balance. When they work, they put 100% and when it comes spending time with family and loved ones, in good and bad times, they do that with full dedication as well.  Nothing is done half heartedly.

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