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Chinhhari arts work with artists of Chhattisgarh and showcase the tribal and handmade art form to the world. The product range includes wrought iron (pitwa Kala), wooden and Godna handicrafts. We have a wide range of home and garden decor products that are unique, eye-catching & Artistic. The products you will find here are rare and will give your home/garden/office an astonishing and impressive appearance. All the products are a perfect combination of Antique yet contemporary Displays.

The products are handcrafted and are made in the very land where the skills are practiced, perfected & passed on to future generations. Along with the artisans, their families also toil to bring the final products out of their humble huts. Thus every piece represents a part of the artist's life and carries a bit of the soul of the creator.

People who find beauty in handmade things love our collection. We are glad to affirm there are many and growing with our efforts to reach out.

"The principles of true art are not to portray but to evoke" Jerzy Kosinski


 Team introduction :


Sunil Vishwakarma and Vinod Vishwakarma are our Wrought Iron tribal artists from Bastar, Chhattisgarh. Both of them handle a team of 8-10 artisans at their workshop. As you can see from the wrought iron collection, they are experts at what they do. It is marvelous that youth are learning art forms. We do lots of experiments with designs and art, but we keep the soul of art intact. Not only, the artisans are brilliant at their work also they have taught us a sustainable way of life. They celebrate life and respect nature, which all of us should practice too.


Khilesh, Yuvraj: Duo are our wooden artists. They hail from a nearby village. We use reclaimed wood to make our products so it takes an immense amount of patience and precision in extracting the wood. The team works hard to make sure that the maximum amount of raw material is used efficiently. They are always ready to try new ideas, designs & concepts and focus on quality, precision & perfection concerning the products.


Bhagwati , Rameshwari: These women are an example of women empowerment. Both of them work hard and are smart at what they do. They learn fast and enjoy their work and so do we while working with them. Also, these 2 are responsible for our order dispatch and packaging. Other than that they also assist in painting work. Multitasking, vibrant duo handles all the responsibilities with a smiling face.


Nandini : The youngest member of our team is responsible for product listing, daily orders, bookkeeping, and Inventory management. In a short time, she has learned the traits required for business and already functioning independently.


Nisha : She is our social media manager, content developer and product designer. Nisha has a great understanding, insight and knowledge about handicraft and handicraft market. She shows immense interest in working with new designs, challenges and handicrafts. She is our ‘ALL IN ONE’, Super women.

Our team of fabulously driven people wishes to learn, transform and bring to you delightful creations.

We continue to practice an environmentally conscious business and are committed to being eco-friendly in our future venture.


Reach out to us if you need any customization

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