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Chinhhari arts wooden hand painted light house wall decor - WWD022

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Lighthouses are standing tall for ages, telling people you are not alone. Come to me and you would be safe. They have been aiding souls who are lost so that they can find their way back home. They guided ships to safety. If you are looking for land it's here. Be safe during high tides and low. They have witnessed the evolution of the human race through time. They fulfilled the purpose of existence and silently became testimonial of our history, culture, wars, and peace. Sometimes, we may not address their presence, but being there they became part of our life.

This is a wooden hand-painted 3D wall decor art piece. It is a freestyle painting on recycled pine wood.

As this is hand-painted and made on reclaimed wood, the original piece may have a different texture than the Image.

Dimension Height x width x depth = 32x14x2 inches
Perfect for the front wall, garden decor and gifting.