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Chinhhari arts wooden hand painted Ship wall decor - WWD021

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A Ship has so many tales to tell about goodbyes & welcomes, meeting strangers who became part of lives, travelling to far lands, seeing what was not seen before. Anecdotes about calm seas, storms & harbours. It must have witnessed joy, Laughter, grief, betrayals, sacrifice, bravery. It must have observed people changing, adapting, breaking, people being stupid, stubborn, angry, destructive. If only it could share stories that we could listen to. Still, by being part of it for a confined time, we become part of the timeless myriad stories.
This is a wooden hand-painted 3D wall decor art piece. It is a freestyle painting on recycled pine wood.

As this is hand-painted and made on reclaimed wood, the original piece may have a different texture than the Image.

Dimension Height x width x depth = 17x35x2 inches
Perfect for the front wall, garden decor and gifting.