About Us

The word Chinhhari means a token or a symbol in Chhattisgarhi.

Chinhhari Arts is about promotion, modification and commercialization of Tribal art form existing in Chhattisgarh. Art forms include wrought iron artifacts, bell metal (dhokra) and Terracotta. Scope and designs are unlimited but because of less exposure and no commercial angle to art forms most of artists are forced to take up jobs instead of working for art. The next generation is not learning art form and thus, there is a threat to art that in some time art form will die which should not happen.


Chinhhari is looking forward in commercialization of products by marketing it to larger audience and modifying the product not the art form according to market demand, so that artist and art form can get what they worth.Art does not need sympathy once exposed it is capable enough of attracting people. We want to take is as Commercial and profit making Project. Product range include utility, decoratives, frames, tribal and animal figures, candle/pen/newspaper/card stand, Mask, gift .The list is not exhaustive. 

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